Two Perky Girls shares tips they learned from Oprah Magazine's Valerie Monroe


Ladies, summer is here and I am addicted to reading articles on how to feel my best….fit, authentic and healthy….for the summer. My favorite source of how to work on my “inner gal” is Oprah Magazine. I even focus a bit on the “outer me” and I so enjoyed Valerie Monroe’s article on “How to have gorgeous bare legs”. Here is what I gleaned and can’t wait to try.

Step One: Shave your legs which smooths them.

Step Two:  Apply self-tanner to cover small imperfections like spider veins, etc. She recommends St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mouse ($30; If you don’t have time for self-tanner, try Givenchy Mister Radiant Body ($49; It is a gel that gives you a tint of slightly golden color and washes off in the shower.

Step Three:  Once your tan on your legs has fully developed and you are headed out in your skirt or short shorts, apply a bit of dry oil, which gives a natural-looking sheen but doesn’t look greasy. Valerie recommends Nuxe Golden Dry Oil Splast ($41;

Step Four: This step is only for the ambitious or if you know your legs will be in a photo, on TV or on stage.  Apply a bit of highlighter cream on your shins from below the knee to just above the ankle, which will make your legs look longer.

I’ve always admired Ann Curry on The Today show as she does her interviews on the sofa. Besides looking amazing always, her legs sparkle. Can’t wait to ask her someday what tips she has for her gorgeous bare legs!

Email me  at if you have any other tips! Go enjoy your summer ladies and don’t forget to add your Perky Lift  in Satin&Smooth to your summer wardrobe.